Our Purpose


Our purpose at Coppenhagen Advice is to help families make good financial decisions.

Our Goal Setting Workshops help people get more from their own lives, and reach more success and fulfillment in any area they choose.

Our Aged Care service helps families at a stressful and critical time, including our free downloads and guides.

Our number crunching and planning services help people make good financial decisions for better outcomes in their lives.


Our core belief is that people don’t just make good financial decisions, they make good decisions in all areas of life, and a healthy financial position is an outcome of good life decisions. Similarly, people don’t just have good or bad financial habits, people have habits in all areas of their life which end up having an impact on their financial position.

We also have a belief that when a person is in a highly emotional state, their decision making capability is reduced. Actually, this is more of a scientific fact about the brain, rather than a belief.

Therefore we believe in the importance of 1. Understanding our life desire for fulfillment in the areas of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs, 2. Serious number crunching to logically and rationally analyse the facts, and 3. Helping families during highly stressful times.

How we help

If you use our number crunching and planning service to help in making good financial decisions, you’ll be going through a process which will also be enhancing your abilities in all other areas of your life.

If you attend our Goal Setting Workshops, you’ll be making better decisions and taking positive actions to improve all areas of your life, and this will have an impact on your finances either through direct actions or indirect results such as earning more income, improving your productivity, enjoying better health to help people make good decisions and develop good habits in all areas of their life.

If you or a family member are entering Aged Care, we know this is a highly emotional time which also requires financial decisions and complicated scenario analysis. Our Aged Care service will step you through the process, and ensure you receive an optimal financial outcome.

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