Goal Setting Workshops

How to Take Control of your Life and Reach Your Dreams

For those who are dissatisfied with their progress in life, are lacking motivation and energy, or are unhappy with their current situation, the most effective method to take control of your life is through the process of setting goals.

The research on the results of Goal Setting is clear. People who have written goals with written plans to achieve those goals are exceptionally more likely to achieve those goals than people who do not commit to writing their goals on paper.

So, when there is a method available for people to improve their lives, which takes nothing more than a little time, which is proven to increase wealth, why do more people not write down their goals?

The first problem is 'getting around to it', which will never happen until you find the right environment where your head can focus without distraction. The second problem is knowing what process to follow; the method of creating the vision of your desired lifestyle, the sorting of your life priorities and the planning of the action steps.

You may have read about setting goals, or listened to a motivational speaker, or read the biographies of great achievers. Whether it's Tony Robbins on the world stage, or Sam Wood in his recipe book on healthy eating and weight loss, the value of goal setting is well established and popularised - yet most people still they haven't actually done any goal setting themselves.

So we've created a workshop. Over 90 minutes, we provide an environment where people can focus on themselves, review their life priorities, decide on what achievements should be worked towards, and plan the action steps to start moving today. This workshop is not talking about goal setting, its doing goal setting. And by the end of the workshop, you'll come away having determined a clearer purpose for yourself as well as the action steps to reach your goals.

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And you never know - becoming a goal setter might just change your life.

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