Aged Care

A collision of Health, Family, Emotions and Finances

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There's not many situations that would compare to the impact on a family of moving into an Aged Care facility.

On the one hand is the physical arrangements of living somewhere new, and finding the right Aged Care facility with the right lifestyle and medical resources, that has an available space.

On the other hand is the emotional impact of living through a reduction in a person’s physical and/or mental capabilities, which is difficult for everyone touched – the person, their family, their friends and their community. 

The Financial implications are also substantial. With accommodation costs commonly being $500,000 or more, plus ongoing fees between $20,000 to $50,000 per year, the numbers can be alarming. When your next step is to try to calculate the Means Tested Fees and work out the qualification for subsidies, you might be at the end of your tether.

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How we can help

We optimise the finances to save money, help you through the process to save time, we reduce your stress and provide you with certainty and clarity.

Firstly, we can help you navigate the whole process of entering Aged Care. Start by downloading our free Ebook to Navigating the Aged Care System.

Secondly, we often save people thousands of dollars. We have some serious number-crunching tools and we work out the most ideal financial positions for each individual situation. We also have access to financial options which most of the public is not aware of. In many situations, we are able to reduce Aged Care fees and preserve the Age Pension, resulting in thousands of dollars of savings per year. We will calculate your Means Tested Fee free of charge. Contact us here.

Thirdly, we reduce the time you spend on the process. We are able to be appointed as Centrelink Nominee, and can assist in the completion of Centrelink forms.

Contact us here with some brief information on your circumstances and we will respond personally to your query.

Why Coppenhagen Advice

  • Financial Planning experience since 2003

  • Accredited Aged Care Professional

  • Louis van Coppenhagen holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Masters of Finance

  • Member of the Council of the Ageing (COTA)

  • Registered organisation with Centrelink and Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA)