7 Reasons To Love Coppenhagen Advice

Our first objective is to help make better decisions

We are in the business of improving lives by helping families make good decisions, avoiding mistakes and being proactive in taking control of your financial life (and life in general through our Goal Setting Workshops).

Our second objective is to eliminate stress and uncertainty from change

It’s during times of change that people face the most challenging and difficult circumstances. We help to facilitate changes by applying our knowledge and experience to overcome uncertainty, and support people through the change as it occurs.

We are also good at identifying changes before they occur, and we often eliminate obstacles before they become major challenges.

slide4We’re easy to deal with

While the financial services industry is filled with paperwork, legislation requirements and regulations, we keep you as distant from this as possible.

Our focus is on reducing your stress, not increasing it, so we will make the process as easy as we can for you by reducing bureaucracy where possible, pre-filling paperwork and cutting complex issues into simple matters.

You’re Always In Control

Our approach is to inform, guide and educate, so you’ll always know what’s going on and what actions are being taken. We focus on ensuring you understand every step of the way through the process. Our job is to facilitate good decisions and outcomes, and that can only happen when you have a clear understanding of the whole picture.

We’re Independent

When you engage Coppenhagen Advice, it’s a simple relationship. We’re paid by you to do the job you’ve asked for and reach the objectives that you’ve outlined. You gain access to our knowledge and resources.

When we make a recommendation to use an investment, super fund, supplier or other service provider, it’s for the simple reasons of:

  • They’re good at what they do, and the outcomes are worth the costs incurred
  • They have a level of customer service that is adequate for our expectations

Coppenhagen Advice is privately and independently owned. There’s no hidden incentives for us in any of our actions.

We’re Experienced

Our Founder and Principal Adviser, Louis van Coppenhagen, has worked in financial services since 2003. The van Coppenhagen family has been providing financial advice in Australia since 1985.

Louis van Coppenhagen has conducted reviews of more than a thousand client situations during his career.

We’re Qualified

When engaged with Coppenhagen Advice, you’ll be dealing with people who are experts in their field. In financial advice there are many qualifications which are formal, plus much education and training on an informal basis – reading, webinars, seminars and workshops are commonplace.

The team at Coppenhagen Advice have multiple post-graduate degrees, plus are constantly improving their skills and education through vigorous training.

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