Home Care services – helpful or a pain?

It pays to be ready for action when the time comes. Most retired people ‘know someone’ who is living a supported lifestyle, or receiving services to help with transport, cooking, housekeeping or health care in their home. But when it’s a person’s first time in arranging their support services, it can be daunting to be entering...
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Health Focus – Get Out the Tension

Aches, pains, stresses, fatigue. If my body is not feeling as good as I want it to, I find it can alter the course of my entire day. And, with a view that each day is a piece of my life, if I can improve my day today then I can improve my life overall. I...
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Three Factors to Accumulating Wealth

Any strategy you consider for building your wealth should be using your money to earn you more money, right? Well there are three factors to consider in any strategy: is it growing in value, is it producing income, and how is it affecting your tax? Some people don’t mind how...
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