How to find your next job

Finding a new job is tough on so many levels. Firstly the painstaking decision of leaving your current employer (or the pain of losing your job and dealing with unemployment), then the resume preparation, the applications, the interviews and frustrations of rejections, missing phone calls and lack of feedback.

How many hours does it take?...

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How I’m Impacted by Federal Budget 2017


It’s the annual event that is strangely big on hype, given how awfully boring it really is. Sometimes I think there are too many journalists in Canberra, leading to a lot of noise about nothing much.

In my view, Canberra should be boring. And this budget has delivered on my expectations, in that there is not...

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The challenge of a conversation with ageing parents

What reaction would you expect if you asked your parents about the issues of getting older, their Aged Care preferences, and their wills and Powers of Attorney? I’m going to guess the reaction is unlikely to be positive. In fact, I've heard comments from some people's attempts to check on their parents arrangements like “my parents...

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Succeed in Life and you’ll succeed with your finances

What is the most basic rule of financial success? What will any financial expert tell you is fundamental to improving your finances? What is the first principle of making money? Don't roll your eyes, because it's so obvious and your parents have probably told you 100 times.

The number 1 rule is to spend less money than...

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