RADs and DAPs

In this video I explain a component of the fees of Aged Care facilities. Accommodation costs can be paid as a RAD (Refundable Accommodation Deposit) or DAP (Daily Accommodation Payment) or as a combination of the two.  ...
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Unfair Centrelink treatment when losing a spouse


The passing of a loved one is tragic and devastating for those left behind, whether it’s your parent, spouse, sibling or friend. The numbness of loss seems to morph into the reality of life moving on.

But something that will abruptly jerk a family back to ground is the realisation of how Centrelink will...

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How to find your next job

Finding a new job is tough on so many levels. Firstly the painstaking decision of leaving your current employer (or the pain of losing your job and dealing with unemployment), then the resume preparation, the applications, the interviews and frustrations of rejections, missing phone calls and lack of feedback.

How many hours does it take?...

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