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You’re Confident in your Security

You’re retired and enjoying a lifestyle without working full time – but this doesn’t mean you have time that can be wasted. You enjoy a good level of financial security, you’re pretty comfortable with how things are, but are always looking for ways to obtain higher levels of security.

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You’re not someone who generally needs help from others unless there’s a good reason. Your independence is important to you, and keeping control of your own destiny is paramount. You wouldn’t want to burden others – particularly family – with any worries or unnecessary work on your behalf.

Your current finances and organisation are serving you well, and have done for a while, but you want to look after your future not your past. You want to know if you can improve your retirement lifestyle and plan ahead for possible future scenarios, so you can continue to get more out of life.

Special Considerations for Changes in Health

It is inevitable that at some point in life there will be changes in a persons health. Research shows that retirees can expect, on average, four major difficult life events to occur in their family in relation to finances, health and passing away.

The act of planning ahead makes these life events less stressful when they occur. Coppenhagen Advice has a process of planning ahead, and provides action plans and support to navigate the challenges of ageing, health, home care services, residential aged care, administration arrangements and the special needs of a family.

The result is for you to have more simple management today, and an easier transition in future when a family member or power of attorney becomes involved – during what is usually an already stressful and emotional time for those concerned.

Centrelink and Dept of Veterans Affairs

As a registered organisation with Centrelink and DVA, Coppenhagen Advice can handle the communication and record keeping with these organisations on your behalf. You’ll have less administration to worry about, and if something happens to you then your family or power of attorney will be happy not to have to deal with Centrelink or DVA.

Aged Care

Coppenhagen Advice is experienced with both the process of entering the Aged Care system, and the financial implications of paying fees and government means testing. Our Action Plans are available to support clients and their family through complex issues during what can be a difficult and stressful time.

More Information on Aged Care

Coppenhagen Advice

As a client of Coppenhagen Advice, you will benefit from our knowledge and resources in managing your finances, keeping your independence for longer, planning ahead of changes before they occur and supporting your family through changes when they happen.

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